feeding for cattle

Automated Cattle Throughs

The ideal feeding system for you and your cattle.

With minimal floor space usage in your building (about 1.5M) Your work comfort is enhanced by fixed position distribution, saving significant time,as a simple button press on the control box will automatically clean the conveyor belt after each cycle.

No need to return to your building during the day to push the feed towards your cows.

With stainless steel, feet and cradles, present every 1.5M the longevity of these troughs is guaranteed regardless of the feed material used.

For dairy cattle farms, and due to the fact that tractors no longer enter the stables, the presence of butyric acid in milk is reduced as there is less risk of soil contaminating the feed.

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Single Feeders

Dimensions : 680 / 750 / 850.

Double feeders

Dimension : 1200.

Advantages of this Product

A back-and-forth system with reinforced 3-ply conveyor belt traction by Ø12 chain.

Two types ofdrives offered (5.3HP or 14.6HP) depending on the quantity of feed to be transported.Max weight of 8000 Kg without exceeding 200 Kg per meter.

Belt drive ensured via a pinion promoting the traction of the conveyor belt.

Protection of the motor by a compact stainless steel cover.

Control cabinet with integrated meter counter for managing different animal lots along the length. It also manages an automatic stop between each lot.

Adjustable advancement speed depending on the motor type. With a frequency inverter adapted to the type of gear motor, speed can vary from 3 to 20 meters/minute for 5.3HP motors and 3 to 10 meters/minute for 14.6HP.

Loading block and 3mm thick stainless steel traction sheet to reduce abrasion on the plates at the feeding station.

Automatic stop of the conveyor belt via a magnetic sensor positioned under the trough bottom.

Non-decomposable polyethylene trough bottoms and polypropylene side cladding.

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Various options
available in terms of finishes.

Depending on your requirements, we can offer a folded stainless steel sheet to join the trough to the tubular installed by you. We can also offer on single troughs a corridor raise to prevent cows from throwing food behind them.

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